Pigmentation is simply colouring of the skin.  Ever wondered what those dark spots are?  That’s pigmentation, caused by melanin.  Everybody has some level of melanin in their skin.  The more you have, the darker you are.  This is not an issue until your body begins to produce irregular levels of melanin in certain areas.  This can lead to slightly darker (hyper-pigmentation) or lighter (hypo-pigmentation) patches of skin.  The causes of irregular skin pigmentation vary widely, and most people experience it on at least some part of their body (birthmarks, freckles).  Dermatologists believe genetic predisposition, hormonal changes and imbalances and certain diseases (such as diabetes) can lead to an imbalance of melanin in skin cells. 

Sun exposure can also trigger a change in melanin levels.  It is important to wear sunscreen with a high SPF and avoid direct sunlight.  If you want a tan, fake it.  It’s either that or having to deal with a lifetime of irregular skin tone that could have been avoided.

In many cases, treatment of irregular skin pigmentation can be quite difficult.  Most treatment regimes include a combination of topical serums, creams, peels and IPL treatments.  There are several steps you can take to reduce the change of uneven skin tone.

* Avoid the sun

* Moisturise! Regular moisturisation is the absolute key to avoiding the vast majority of skin issues that most people encounter.  If you skin is clean and fully hydrated I can focus on other areas of concern, such as wound healing and tissue repair. 

* Visit AT HOME BEAUTY THERAPY and ask about IPL SKIN REJUVENATION!  I have been trained in Cosmeceutical skin care to help you look your absolute best.  Have faith and trust that I can take care of your skin problems.

IPL SKIN REJUVENATION is the most modern form of light-based skin therapy.  In a small area of skin, particular skin issues can be targeted and corrected.  This is by far the most effective method of reducing pigmentation.  It works by breaking down the melanin in the skin, resulting in a far more even skin tone, with no downtime.  Usually only 2-3 treatments are required at 4 week intervals.  Any area affected can be treated and these are the face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms and back.




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