BENEFITS OF SPRAY TANNING – Spray Tanning is one of the most efficient ways to get the bronzed glow you want, without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure and tanning beds.  As we are all aware, skin that is overexposed to the sun or UV is far more prone to sunburn, skin conditions, premature ageing and most ominously skin cancer.  While the sun is vital in providing us vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy, overexposure can be dangerous and even lift threatening.

The benefits of spray tanning also extend into the physhological arena.  Let’s be honest – we all feel better when we have a tan.  Who isn’t happier sporting a healthy looking radiance, than pale, pasty skin?  As they say, look good, feel good!

Spray Tanning offers a long list of other benefits including:

An even, streak-free tan – the fine mist allows an even application all over, with no patchiness, and new technology means you don’t have to worry about going orange.

The ability to stay tanned all year round, helping you to look thinner and healthier instantly, boosting self confidence.

Evening skin tone and hiding blemishes and imperfections, including stretch marks and varicose veins.

It’s fast – in only 15 minutes you can go from being pale and white to having a deep bronzed tan, and our two hour formula means that you can shower after just 2 hours, while your tan continues to develop.

Get your tan the healthy way with ‘SUNESCAPE’, because let’s face it, you look better brown!

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