I treat a lot of teenage skin concerns in my salon – ‘At Home Beauty Therapy’.  One of the first steps I take is to access my young clients skin.  I cleanse and then have a good look at what I am dealing with.  If the young client has severe acne, I advise them to visit their GP, as they may need a course of antibotics, either oral or topical.  I then suggest a good skin cleansing routine and some ‘Deep Cleanse for Teens’ Facials once a month.

The product I recommend them to use at home is a great product called ‘Teen Aspect Kit’.  It is a very simple skincare range designed for the busy teenager.  This product has lactic and salicylic acid.  The other ingredients work at detoxifying, soothing, assisting in management of oil and has anti-fungal properties.  The ‘Teen Aspect Kit’ is the best seller in the salon,  is well priced, parents are more than happy to buy this for their teens.

If you need a consultation regarding the state of your skin, make sure you visit a good beauty therapist or dermal clinician who can advise you on the correct treatments for your skin.

If you want to chat about any skin problems, don’t hesitate to call Barb of At Home Beauty Therapy on Mob: 041307848.

The ‘Teen Aspect Kit’ are a great gift for teenagers, at only $60.00,  great value for money!

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