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Your eyes are the windows to your soul – lets make them even more beautiful.

Eyelash Tinting Brisbane

So you have done your hair, had a facial and put on your makeup – but there is something missing.  That missing feeling could just well be your eyelash tinting has not been done.  When we talk with people we get taught from a very young age to look them in the eye so your eyes need to pop, they need to say I look amazing, actually they need to scream I LOOK AMAZING – this is where eyelash tinting comes into it’s own.

At Home Beauty Therapy can tint your eyelash hair and make it pop to give you that “WOW” factor. We also do eyebrow tinting as well as reshaping to ensure that your eyes make a real statement.  We use a specific eyelash dye that will give you the effect of mascara. Having this treatment done will give the impression of extra length and volume as well as a deeper colour without the usual side effects of smudging, clotting or rubbing off.

With your eyes being the window to your soul, it is time to treat yourself and treat your eyes, you will be the talk of the party.  Contact Us today to sort out a time that we can make you more beautiful on the outside.

Eyelash tinting - makes your eyes pop...

Your eyes will pop with an At Home Beauty Therapy eyelash tint – time to book in for a treatment.

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