Facial Treatment Brisbane

Getting a facial – simply feels amazing, it will allow your skin to breathe and rejuvenate.

Facial treatments are a must for everyone – whether it be at a salon or at home, the pollutants (including oils and bacteria) that embed themselves into our skin (or deeper hereditary issues) on a daily basis fill the pores of our skin to cause long term problems.  Ensuring that the skin on our face remains youthful and clean – a facial is a must.

At Home Beauty Therapy has a wide range of facial treatments that deliver a youthful and fresh skin that simply glows.  Using products that we would only use on our own skin, we can deliver you a cleanse that you will feel and feel amazing for.  We ensure that the surroundings that you have your facial in is relaxing and calm to give you a facial experience to die for.

In today’s society where pollutants are everywhere – it is time to book in to get your facial done.  Please Contact Us and we will slot you in at the next convenient time.

Aspect Medical Skin Treatments

ASPECT promises to deliver the youthful glowing skin and complexion that you desire…in no time at all. ASPECT Cosmeceuticals have been formulated with the latest medical actives to protect, revitalise and cosmetically restructure your skin.   A full skin analysis is performed prior to all face treatments.

Facial Treatment Pricelist

  • ASPECT Hyper-Moist Facial (1hr)


    A deeply hydrating, antioxidant facial, for all skin types in need of a little TLC. Your skin will be glowing. Great as a conditioning treatment after a series of Peels.

  • ASPECT Detox Facial (1hr)


    A deep cleansing, detoxifying facial treatment for impure, clogged & congested skin. Suitable for acne & acne prone skin.

  • ASPECT Deep Clean for Teens (45mins)


    This treatment is designed to treat teenage skin concerns, generally associated with hormonally active skin. In salon treatments are available to deep cleanse the pores, whilst hydrating, nourishing & supporting the skin, as well as calming & soothing the redness, inflammation & sensitivity associated with these breakout prone skins.

  • Oxygenation and Enzyme Treatment (1hr)


    The Oxygen and Enzyme treatment is a two step in-salon process that effectively delivers a boost of oxygen directly into the skin, which treats and sterilises the skins surface. This treatment is excellent in improving circulation and targeting a broad range of skin concerns. It will infuse hydration using active enzymes and imparts brightness and clarity using high potency antioxidants.

Add-on Pricelist

  • 20% Lacto Peel


    To any of the above facial treatments for an extra $20

  • Refreshing Eye and Lip Treatment


    A gentle, refreshing & soothing professional eye & lip treatment suitable for all skin types. Treating the fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness & dehydration.

  • Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask


    This Mask was developed to calm, cool & soothe skin instantly, delivers deep hydration to dry & stressed skin. Perfect after Facials, Skin Peels, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Waxing.

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