IPL Skin Rejuvenation Brisbane

Using IPL to rejuvenate your skin and to remove blemishes and pigmentation of the skin.

Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Vascular – Face, Neck, Decolletage, Arms and Hands

This treatment is every Queenslander’s answer to sun damage and pre-mature aging (from our fantastic weather and long summers!!). Skin Rejuvenation stimulates the collagen and elastin to strengthen, revitalise and renew dull, tired skin. Pigmentation and Age Spots diminish. Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.  Damaged broken capillaries are treated with excellent results.   No down time and it is important that sunscreen be worn after treatment to protect your skin from damaging sunlight.

On pigmentation in the skin, the Intense Pulse Light is absorbed which in turn destroys the cells and over the following weeks becomes absorbed back into the body.   You may find that the pigment will darken and subsequently harden and flake over the next week or 2.

Other side effects are that during the treatment you may feel a small sting like a rubber band flicking your skin – this is the normal feeling of IPL, and you may also have the feeling of being out in the sun too long immediately following the treatment – this will settle in a couple of hours.

  • It is compulsory for all clients to have an initial consultation prior to your first IPL treatment for test patching & thorough skin analysis to ensure the best & safest treatment possible.
  • At Home Beauty Therapy’s  IPL Sonaderm System is fully approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association).

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