Treating Teenage Acne

I treat a lot of teenage skin concerns in my salon – ‘At Home Beauty Therapy’.  One of the first steps I take is to access my young clients skin.  I cleanse and then have a good look at what I am dealing with.  If the young client has severe acne, I advise them to visit their GP, as they may need a course of antibotics, either oral or topical.  I then suggest a good skin cleansing routine and some ‘Deep Cleanse for Teens’ Facials once a month.

The product I recommend them to use at home is a great product called ‘Teen Aspect Kit’.  It is a very simple skincare range designed for the busy teenager.  This product has lactic and salicylic acid.  The other ingredients work at detoxifying, soothing, assisting in management of oil and has anti-fungal properties.  The ‘Teen Aspect Kit’ is the best seller in the salon,  is well priced, parents are more than happy to buy this for their teens.

If you need a consultation regarding the state of your skin, make sure you visit a good beauty therapist or dermal clinician who can advise you on the correct treatments for your skin.

If you want to chat about any skin problems, don’t hesitate to call Barb of At Home Beauty Therapy on Mob: 041307848.

The ‘Teen Aspect Kit’ are a great gift for teenagers, at only $60.00,  great value for money!

Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is simply colouring of the skin.  Ever wondered what those dark spots are?  That’s pigmentation, caused by melanin.  Everybody has some level of melanin in their skin.  The more you have, the darker you are.  This is not an issue until your body begins to produce irregular levels of melanin in certain areas.  This can lead to slightly darker (hyper-pigmentation) or lighter (hypo-pigmentation) patches of skin.  The causes of irregular skin pigmentation vary widely, and most people experience it on at least some part of their body (birthmarks, freckles).  Dermatologists believe genetic predisposition, hormonal changes and imbalances and certain diseases (such as diabetes) can lead to an imbalance of melanin in skin cells. 

Sun exposure can also trigger a change in melanin levels.  It is important to wear sunscreen with a high SPF and avoid direct sunlight.  If you want a tan, fake it.  It’s either that or having to deal with a lifetime of irregular skin tone that could have been avoided.

In many cases, treatment of irregular skin pigmentation can be quite difficult.  Most treatment regimes include a combination of topical serums, creams, peels and IPL treatments.  There are several steps you can take to reduce the change of uneven skin tone.

* Avoid the sun

* Moisturise! Regular moisturisation is the absolute key to avoiding the vast majority of skin issues that most people encounter.  If you skin is clean and fully hydrated I can focus on other areas of concern, such as wound healing and tissue repair. 

* Visit AT HOME BEAUTY THERAPY and ask about IPL SKIN REJUVENATION!  I have been trained in Cosmeceutical skin care to help you look your absolute best.  Have faith and trust that I can take care of your skin problems.

IPL SKIN REJUVENATION is the most modern form of light-based skin therapy.  In a small area of skin, particular skin issues can be targeted and corrected.  This is by far the most effective method of reducing pigmentation.  It works by breaking down the melanin in the skin, resulting in a far more even skin tone, with no downtime.  Usually only 2-3 treatments are required at 4 week intervals.  Any area affected can be treated and these are the face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms and back.




Spray Tan Queensland

BENEFITS OF SPRAY TANNING – Spray Tanning is one of the most efficient ways to get the bronzed glow you want, without the harmful effects of UV sun exposure and tanning beds.  As we are all aware, skin that is overexposed to the sun or UV is far more prone to sunburn, skin conditions, premature ageing and most ominously skin cancer.  While the sun is vital in providing us vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy, overexposure can be dangerous and even lift threatening.

The benefits of spray tanning also extend into the physhological arena.  Let’s be honest – we all feel better when we have a tan.  Who isn’t happier sporting a healthy looking radiance, than pale, pasty skin?  As they say, look good, feel good!

Spray Tanning offers a long list of other benefits including:

An even, streak-free tan – the fine mist allows an even application all over, with no patchiness, and new technology means you don’t have to worry about going orange.

The ability to stay tanned all year round, helping you to look thinner and healthier instantly, boosting self confidence.

Evening skin tone and hiding blemishes and imperfections, including stretch marks and varicose veins.

It’s fast – in only 15 minutes you can go from being pale and white to having a deep bronzed tan, and our two hour formula means that you can shower after just 2 hours, while your tan continues to develop.

Get your tan the healthy way with ‘SUNESCAPE’, because let’s face it, you look better brown!

Rosacea Treatment Brisbane

ROSACEA or ACNE ROSACEA – Rosacea is a type of skin inflammation that affects the face.  Symptoms include redness, permanent flush across the nose and cheeks, non-tender lumps under the skin, yellow-headed pimples on the forehead, cheeks and chin.  Rosacea does not scar.  The small surface blood vessels (capillaries) of the skin enlarge, giving the appearance of a permanent flush.  Triggers can be over exposure to sunlight, spicy foods, alcohol, stress, anxiety, coffee and tea.

Rosacea Treatment BrisbaneCan IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treat Rosacea?

Yes, IPL can be very effective against the unsightly appearance of Rosacea.  Using heat energy to break down the vein walls of the tiny clusters of surface blood vessels.  More treatments maybe required in the intitial treatment phase to successfully reduce its appearance.  Although successful, IPL cannot prevent the veins from returning to the skin surface.  Because of this, an occasional maintenance treatment maybe required to keep the Rosacea under control.  Generally you can return to work the same day and resume all regular activities.  Your skin will not be broken and makeup applied immediately afterward.  It is important to limit exposure to the sun in the weeks before and after your treatment.

At Home Beauty Therapy can build you an individualised plan to decrease your Rosacea.

Skin Peel Brisbane

The term ‘chemical peel’ may sound intimidating for those who are used to traditional facials.  ‘What is the chemical that’s being used’?  and ‘What exactly is it peeling’?  A Skin Peel can tackle a number of skin concerns and provide glowing, radiant skin.

There are several different types of chemical skin peels that address skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, dry skin, acne and pigmentation.    Skin peels remove dead skin cells in order to allow newer skin to regenerate itself, essentially, it is a form of exfoliation.

Types of Skin Peels

ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS (AHAs).  AHAs are a group of mild acids most often derived from fruit, sugarcane and milk.  AHA peels promote increased epidermal exfoliation and are best for people who want to improve skin tone and reduce appearance of fine lines, acne scars and other dark marks.  The most common AHAs are lactic, tartaric, malic and glycolic acids.  These acids exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, brighter, younger looking complexion.  Often called a ‘lunchtime peel’, AHA peels are popular because they cause minimal irritation and require no downtime.  Suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

BETA HYDROXY ACID (BHA) Also known a Salicylic Acid treats the same skin conditions as AHAs, however it penetrates the epidermis more deeply than AHA peels.  Salicylic acid can be used to treat conditions, such as excessive oiliness, clogged pores, brown spots, hormonal marks and other skin discolouration and visibly restore clarity to the complexion.  It is important to note that Salicylic acid has properties similar to aspirin, it should not be used on people with aspirin allergies.

JESSNER PEELS are stronger than BHAs, this skin peel is great for treating oily skin, acne, fine lines, pigment irregularities, including melasma.  Still considered a light skin peel (unless multiple layers are  applied, in which case it is a deep skin peel).  Jessner Peel combines Salicylic acid, Resorcinol and Lactic Acid.  This skin peel removes dead skin through a period of 6 to 10 days.

Chemical Peels have been helping people get beautiful skin since the times of ancient Egypt and Rome.  Ancient Egyptian women used sour milk (a source of lactic acid) to rejuvenate skin,  while women in Rome exfoliated with grape skins (a source of tartaric acid).

Most light to medium skin peels require at least six treatments over a 3-6 month period to see optimal results.

IPL Hair Removal Queensland

Beautiful young woman with green bamboo leavesIPL Hair Removal Queensland – Want gorgeous hair free permanent silky smoothness?    IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) permanent hair reduction, will reduce unwanted hair forever.  IPL hair removal will work on any part of the body.  If you have had enough of waxing, shaving, tweezing, then IPL is for you.  IPL will greatly reduce hair in any targeted area.  This is a guaranteed permanent hair reduction procedure.  Say goodbye to unwanted hair and ingrown hairs, say hello to smooth hair free skin!  You will look and feel gorgeous!  One of the most popular treatments is IPL Brazilian.  Please see the Services Section for IPL Treatments pricing.

IPL hair removal uses light energy to penetrate the hair follicle to destroy the roots of the hair while preserving the skin around the follicle.  IPL hair removal works on most hair types except for blonde, grey and red hair.  Below is a video showing how IPL hair reduction works.

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